We clean all makes, models and styles of DPF, DOC and SCR catalysts
98% cleaning efficiency maximizes DPF lifecycle
Reduces the risk of prematurely replacing the DPF resulting from inefficient cleaning
fap_intasato_1 Our proprietary process can
remove impacted
ash restoring your DPF to OEM specifications
saving you
of $$$.
flash_cleaner FlowMax DPF’s
cleaning process
outperforms other
DPF cleaning
your DPF’s
FlowMax DPF’s Cleaning and Remanufacturing Process
 arrow Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency at 98%
arrow Cleans any make, model and configuration of DPF,DOC and SCR catalyst.
Including light trucks and cars.
arrow Comprehensive inspection and testing
arrow Quality control data report provided for each DPF
arrow Restore oil and coolant soaked DPFs, DOC and SCR catalysts. There’s more to restoring a filter or catalyst than burning off the oil or coolant. FlowMax DPF’s process can restore the unit to original condition.
arrow Extend DPF lifecycle by removing impacted ash saving thousands of $$$
Impacted ash results from inefficient cleaning methods and cannot be removed by baking or compressed air cleaning methods.
arrow Fast turnaround time – 24 hrs or less for most DPFs
arrow Pick-up & Delivery – call for details >> 613-275-2222