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Cleaning all makes, models, and configurations of DPF, DOC, and SCR catalysts.


With quickly emerging choices for diesel emissions services, its possible to risk your profitability, time logistics, and company reputation.  Know that when you choose FlowMaxDPF for your filter cleaning needs you have partnered with Canada’s most experienced DPF Cleaning expert.

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Our expertly designed cleaning process outperforms all other DPF cleaning methods and those service providers whose equipment is not capable of efficiently cleaning all configurations of catalyst and DPF.


Did your cleaning contractor reject and deem your filter “unserviceable” ?


The FlowMaxDPF cleaning process salvages most all rejected DPF’s helping to save you from expensive replacements. Even oil and coolant soaked systems are ideal candidates for our process, showing consistent satisfaction and savings for our customers.


Choosing FlowMaxDPF as your DPF cleaning solutions provider will maximize your DPF’s life-cycle and in turn can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary and avoidable replacement costs.


FlowMax DPF’s Cleaning and Remanufacturing Process
arrow Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency
arrow Cleans any make, model and configuration of DPF,DOC and SCR catalyst.
When we say any configuration, we mean it.  Cars, light truck / pickups, farm equipment, and specialty equipment can all be processed with the same industry leading results and efficiency only found with FlowMaxDPF.
arrow Comprehensive inspection and testing
arrow Quality control data report provided for each DPF
arrow Restore oil and coolant soaked DPFs, DOC and SCR catalysts. 
arrow Extend DPF lifecycle saving thousands of $$$
arrow Fast turnaround time – 24 hrs or less for most DPFs
arrow Pick-up & Delivery – call for details >> 613-275-2222

Serving – Eastern Ontario / 401 Corridor / Ottawa Valley Region.