DEF Fluid Transport Tote
DTT50 - By Thunder Creek Equipment

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Data & Spec Sheet

Def fluid transport tote with heater for Canada winters


- LP Heater System (Ready for Canada!)

- Robust commercial design and build quality

- ISO 22241 compliant Closed Loop DEF protection

- 2 in 1 Pump system (Fill / Dispense)

- Lockable weather sealed door, w/Chrome handle

- Optional: Skid Base (shown) , Digital DEF meter kit


Use the totes built-in lift points to securely load and fasten down the unit.  An optional Skid Base can be added by request. (see image above)


Using the unique Micro-Matic® system means no longer having to move pumps around or risk contaminating your fluid.  When pumping DEF in or out of the tote, simply select flow direction and power the pump.


You will never need to purchase or maintain a secondary pump system on your tote or on your bulk storage tank.  The patent-pending 2-in-1 pump assembly is just one of the great features not found on other systems.


The systems ISO compliance level was no mistake. The Thunder Creek manufacturing team ensured that exposure to contamination was minimized through designing a completely closed loop system.

Download .pdf

Data & Spec Sheet

Why is it critical to prevent DEF contamination?

• DEF consumption can increase
• Loses effectiveness to remove NOx
• Can cause SCR malfunctions
• Can cause engine shut down or derating
• Can damage equipment or components
• Can jeopardize warranty coverage

Ideal applications for this DEF Tote / Transportation technology:
Construction, Off-Road, Landscaping, Fleet maintenance vehicles, Fleet Support, Road maintenance and Paving, Logging, Mining, Farming, Agriculture, Land Clearing, Heavy equipment operators, anywhere you have limited or critical DEF fluid access needs.