FlowMax DPF...

...is a Canadian based diesel emissions technology company providing solutions to diesel equipment owners and operators throughout Eastern Ontario in conjunction with specialized "State of the Art" diesel particulate filter cleaning services.

About Us

Recognized for his analytical and multi-disciplined technical expertise, FlowMax DPF founder Derrick Flynn successfully provided engineering and hands-on technical support for a leading manufacturer of California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified diesel particulate filter systems for On and Off-Road trucks and equipment.

As Director of Technical Services, Derrick played a key role in product design, R&D, failure analysis, business development and resolving service and warranty issues. Derrick also provided technical expertise and hands-on support for various diesel emissions reduction R&D projects with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and regional Air Quality Management groups whose resulting data has been used in shaping regulatory policies and diesel emissions reduction strategies throughout North America.


Some of these projects included trucks and cargo handling equipment at the Ports of Long Beach and Oakland California as well as the Port of Tacoma Washington, truck and bus fleets throughout California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia and New York State including trucks and equipment involved in rebuilding the World Trade Center and the construction of the largest ultraviolet water treatment facility in the world located on the outskirts of New York City. Derrick's diverse expertise guided by hands-on experience has ensured the success of many diesel emissions projects in the harshest operating environments throughout North America in both the On and Off-Road sectors.


Derrick also has extensive experience dealing directly with diesel emission stakeholders such as OEM and aftermarket manufacturers, funding and oversight agencies, municipal, state/provincial and federal government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).



FlowMax DPF prides itself in being more than just a DPF cleaning service. Our team of trained experts offer a diverse range of knowledge and experience with proven technologies and services designed to provide the most current, efficient, and economical solutions for your diesel emission needs.

With quickly emerging choices, don't risk your profitability, customer satisfaction, or reputation by trusting amateurs in the diesel emissions business. Our "State of the Art" DPF cleaning technology ensures optimum engine power, performance, fuel economy, and DPF life cycle while reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance expenses, downtime and needless DPF replacement costs.


Expertise, Experience & State of the Art Cleaning Technology = A Cleaner DPF & Increased Profits

  • - “State Of The Art” Factory Approved DPF Cleaning Technology
  • - Pickup & Delivery
  • - 24 Hr. Turnaround for Basic Cleaning
  • - Replacement DPF's and DOC's Available - No Core charge in most instances.
  • - Replacement gaskets, clamps, temperature sensors and thread repair bungs.
  • - Emissions System Troubleshooting
  • - DPF Failure Analysis
  • - Fleet Emissions Management Solutions
  • - Diesel Emissions Training - Drivers/Operators, Technicians and Fleet support.

"We specialize in salvaging catalysts and DPF’s

that others reject as non-serviceable"