What is a Reman DPF (Remanufactured DPF) ?

A common alternative now offered at the Dealer / OE level is a Remanufactured DPF. Your original filter is exchanged for the “Reman” filter plus any applicable core charge fees. Upon approval and inspection of your original filter the core charge is credited. The “Reman” filter is touted as an exceptional value over a new OE replacement and as a protection against sub-par local cleaning options. They are often backed by a 1yr warranty with varying levels of coverage ranging from 100,000 miles to unlimited. The term “Remanufactured” or “Reman” under this use can confuse and/or mislead consumers unfortunately, because in fact, all the active components and substrate catalysts are original and no actual remanufacturing has taken place. The truth is that this alternative option is in need of a prompt re-branding to help customers make better educated decisions. The “Reman” filter is simply a DPF that has undergone a manufacturer certified (facility) level cleaning and quality control process. With the different OE’s using various methods at their respective facilities, they clean and test the filters before reselling them back into the dealer distribution network. The most important parameter of a healthy DPF next to airflow is the efficiency of its precious metals coating, and this cannot be tested or certified by any cleaning facility, be it ours or the manufacturers. If you are using the FlowMax DPF reconditioning process for maintaining your DPF filters, your “reman” purchase would truly be a needlessly inflated and expensive cleaning. Our quality control and third party lab tested/verified cleaning process meets or exceeds OE results. However, if you looked at the “reman” in comparison to basic or poorly executed cleanings (as has saturated the market), then some gains could definitely be found.